1300 Numbers

Struggling to get cut through with potential customers or growing so fast you need to upgrade your business systems to keep up?

In either scenario, the benefits of embracing a 1300 number for your organisation are numerous.

From helping promote your brand in a memorable way to boosting consumer confidence and paving the way for easier call tracking, routing and data gathering, 1300 numbers are an important (and underutilised) all-round business tool.

The facts about 1300 numbers

1300 numbers are inbound business phone numbers that begin with 1300 and end with a number or phone word letter combination (sometimes referred to as smart numbers or business branded numbers).

These 10-digit numbers can be selected by organisations to help make their business phone number easier to remember or use in marketing. For example, you may select 1300 10 10 10 or 1300 ARIA CO (dialled as 1300 27 42 20).

1300 numbers can be answered on a mobile phone or a landline, paving the way for greater flexibility for companies, tradespeople, and travelling professionals, especially during periods of growth (or contraction).

They are nationwide numbers and aren’t restricted to a geographical area.

The caller is only charged a flat rate if phoning 1300 numbers from a landline in Australia and calls from mobiles are charged at the relevant mobile carrier rates.

What are the business benefits of 1300 numbers?

1300 numbers do not require a large investment yet offer many business benefits.

They are:

  • More memorable

Ensuring your brand gets cut through in a busy marketplace is easier when you have a business phone number that is simple to remember.

A catchy phone number with digits that flow together or repeat is easier for people to recall. They’re, therefore, more likely to use your organisation and are more readily able to remember the number when referring your business to colleagues, friends and family.

A phoneword – such as 1300 ARIA CO or 1300 CALL US – tends to make recall even simpler again and it doubles as a branding opportunity if you incorporate your business name or company tagline.

  • Brand confidence boosters

Consumers tend to associate 1300 numbers with larger, more established organisations. This means adopting a 1300 number can help your newly launched or growing company appear more credible and bigger, thereby generating greater customer confidence and trust.

  • Reach expanders

As there’s no area code associated with these phone numbers, they can help your company expand its reach. When consumers don’t associate a number with a certain location, they are more likely to reach out to use your non-local business.

  • Highly flexible

It’s not only possible to answer 1300 numbers on a mobile phone or landline, they can also be redirected easily – and not just to one number, but many numbers if necessary, improving business operations.

It’s a simple process too, allowing for changes to be made at any time based on staff availability, time of day, day of the week, etc.

  • Informative

1300 numbers provide effortless access to data, such as inbound call reports that reveal peak call times, caller locations, call duration, and more.

  • Future proof

As 1300 numbers aren’t linked to a geographical area, if you move office or scale up or down, you won’t need to change your company phone number.

They are also highly portable as it’s easy to keep your 1300 number when moving telco providers.

This means you won’t have the added expense of updating your marketing and advertising materials to include a new phone number.

  • Low-cost

1300 numbers are a low-cost business investment – yet offer countless benefits and opportunities for growth.

  • Highly compatible with other tech

1300 numbers can be used alongside phone answering services, VOIP or cloud-based phone systems and crucial auto-attendant tools which support better customer service.

Easily secure your ideal 1300 number

At Aria, we help make the process of securing your brand-boosting 1300 numbers quick and simple.

As business telecommunications experts, we know how to harness the power of 1300 numbers and seamlessly integrate them into your business operations for maximum impact.

Whether you’re a start-up company, busy tradesperson, new or experienced consultant, or established business, our team is adept at finding the right 1300 number – or numbers – for your company, identifying the best deals, and rolling out the change.

Take the next step

At Aria Telco, we love working with businesses to help them:

  • enhance consumer confidence;
  • improve customer / client service;
  • build brand trust;
  • grow their client base;
  • allocate resources more effectively;
  • deliver that vital marketing edge that can lead to larger profits; and
  • manage their overall telco needs

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