Mobile plan for businesses

When your business is thriving, it can be easy to get distracted by all the demands of this growth.

When this happens, important tasks – like reviewing your mobile phone plan for your business – can get forgotten.

On the surface of it, a mobile plan audit may not appear to be urgent, however these annual reviews can save your company money and help it flourish faster, especially if you have a big team on the road or staff working from home.

Reviewing your mobile plan for your business each year allows you to:

  • streamline your plan if needed
  • cancel any mobile phone services you no longer need
  • check if your data plans are in line with your changing needs
  • restructure your mobile phone business usage
  • take advantage of better new deals; and
  • evaluate if your telco is delivering on your mobile business plan needs

Dealing with the telco industry can be challenging, though, and it’s one reason some company owners put off reviewing their mobile plan for their business. Partnering with telco experts, like our team at Aria, who understand the latest telco offers, how to get the best mobile plan for your business, and the myriad telecommunications options available to support growing enterprises, simplifies this process.

Growing means changing mobile business plan needs

If your company is growing, your needs will likely be shifting.

  • For example, if you’ve hired more team members to meet the rising demand for your services, you may now require extra mobile phones, giving you access to a more economical mobile plan business deal.
  • An expanding team and more clients may also mean your staff need more data – or newer devices with enhanced features to let them make use of emerging apps and technologies that increase efficiency and keep them better connected to colleagues and customers.
  • The more team members you have, the more important mobile business plan features like data pooling become. As not all your staff will use the same amount of data, having a telco deal that includes a company data pool means those who use less won’t lose their data, and you’re less likely to be charged for extra data.
  • A business mobile plan audit will also help uncover other changes that need to be addressed, such as international calling options. If your company’s expansion has led you to take on your first – or a growing number of – overseas clients, you may now need to add international calling options to your mobile plan for your business.
  • With expansion, there’s often a need to switch networks. For example, if your city-based business is now working in regional areas, it’s likely more reliable coverage has become more important to you.

Time for a Business Mobile Plan Audit

At Aria Telco Management, we work for our clients, not the telcos but we’re always across the latest telco offers and know that better deals frequently become available. This is why we’re so passionate about the need to regularly review mobile plans for businesses.

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We’re also passionate about the upsides of mobile plans for businesses, outlined below.