Phone systems contract review

Does your business need a phone systems contract review?

As a company is growing and evolving, it can – on the surface – seem easier to stick with the phone system (and contracts) already in place. However, during times of change or growth, it’s vital to keep reviewing your organisation’s needs and investigate what other phone systems are available to better serve your staff and customers.

Undertaking an annual phone systems audit and contract review can also uncover if there are newer, improved plans to take advantage of and save money on.

Phone systems contract review benefits

What are the key benefits of undertaking a yearly phone systems contract review and audit?

  • Reduce business costs by discovering new, cheaper deals and streamlining your system where appropriate.
  • Allows the existing phone system to be upgraded to accommodate a growing team.
  • Uncovers fresh phone system options to allow for a more flexible, remote workforce.
  • Helps identify ways to scale your business through the benefits of newer phone systems with added support.
  • When moving offices, provides an opportunity to embrace a more advanced phone system.
  • It paves the way to discard hardware/handsets that are no longer required.

How a VOIP phone system can help businesses

As part of a business phone systems contract review, Aria Telco’s team can support your organisation to explore how a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system may support your growth.

These phone systems can:

  • Help boost your sales team’s performance.

A VoIP phone system can offer an auto attendant service to answer calls to your business so a potential sale is not missed when your staff are busy with other clients. This Interactive Voice Response technology service can even answer calls outside of business hours and ensures calls are picked up promptly.

Voicemail messages left through VoIP can easily be converted into an email and sent to staff.

  • Provide vital data.

Internet-based VoIP phone systems can provide reports showing how many calls your company misses each month, as well as track how many calls staff make. This powerful data can help determine appropriate staffing levels, so you can scale faster.

Sales reports can also be generated.

  • Improve customer service.

VoIP systems allow companies to create automatic responses to frequently asked questions or provide information on common issues to more efficiently serve customers. This also frees up team members to handle higher level tasks.

They also offer an easy menu setup to divert incoming calls to the right department.

  • Create a more flexible workforce.

A VoIP phone system can be used at home and in the office, allowing staff to work remotely whenever necessary. Calls can easily be diverted and redirected, and conference calling and videoconferencing are available, as is call recording.

  • Support your multi-site expansion.

VoIP phone systems are easy to connect across multiple offices or sites, allowing for easy expansion of your growing enterprise. Calls can easily be diverted to other offices or franchises.

  • Save money.

As VoIP systems handle calls over the internet and can accommodate international calling, they can be cheaper than a traditional landline business service. With rising input costs, cost reviews are more essential than ever.

  • Offer new branding & marketing opportunities.

VoIP phone systems offer the technology to create on-hold messages, welcome messages and special information communications that can help market your other services and products to your existing – or potential – customer base.

Businesses can still select from 13 and 1300 number prefixes with VoIP, and most existing numbers can be easily transferred.

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