Phone system for real estate companies

Looking for the right phone system for your real estate business?

At Aria Telco Management, we get it. Real estate is a super busy industry. Agents and their team members are always on the go. At the same time, staying connected and delivering exceptional service when listing and selling homes is crucial in such a competitive space.

While mobile phones have made things a little easier, for flourishing real estate companies, there’s nothing like a centralised telecommunications system that all agency staff can tap into to provide superior, trusted and timely service.

What real estate companies need in a phone system

Embracing the best phone system available can make a powerful difference to real estate companies, allowing for enhanced flexibility that delivers cost and time efficiencies, as well as that work-winning client-focused approach.

Transformational VoIP phone systems, which handle calls over reliable, secure internet connections, make boosting performance and productivity easy, thanks to:

  • Voicemail to email services. These are incredibly handy for converting voice messages to written messages, allowing you to more easily access messages while tied up in a meeting or appointment. This paves the way for faster client response times and helps build strong relationships.
  • Auto attendant services are critical for successful real estate agents. When you and your team are flat out finalising a deal, this exceptional feature ensures calls are always answered, so you never miss a sale or a potential listing. It’s ideal for agents who often work at all hours, 7 days a week.
  • Video conferencing is a vital tool for real estate professionals, especially those communicating and inking deals with overseas or interstate buyers. More properties are being viewed using phone video features and being able to communicate with multiple people, such as a couple or property investment syndicate, at the same time saves repeating yourself. Being able to link multiple agency staff via video conferencing also boosts efficiency.
  • With calls running through the internet, domestic and international calls are more affordable than a traditional landline, and team members can use a trust-building local number, no matter where they’re based.
  • Call forwarding to a colleague assisting with your listing or sale isn’t always easy on a mobile phone. However, the superior, easy-to-use features on VoIP phone systems, like call forwarding, are available on mobiles, thanks to a simple login procedure.
  •  Call recording is another integral feature for real estate agents, adding another level of certainty to negotiations and providing an extra layer of security, as needed, when handling sensitive transactions. Call routing – and call encryption – are also available.
  • Menu option facilities are easy to use, paving the way for better call flow and improving team productivity.
  • Using a CRM system for your real estate company? We can find a VoIP system that seamlessly integrates with it.

Is your agency growing?

VoIP phone systems are crucial for growing real estate agencies, and those with multiple offices, such as franchises as they seamlessly connect teams, no matter their location.

Features such as auto attendant (virtual receptionist) services can be added and removed in real time and adding or taking away a phone line is simple, meaning upscaling (and downscaling) at any time is very simple. This minimises costs as you’re only charged when using these services.

Not all high-level agents work from an office but being able to access office-style communications features from any location affordably is a must. The latest VoIP phones are highly cost-effective, secure, reliable and offer exceptional call quality.

Not sure if you’re ready to grow further? VoIP phone systems are perfect for real estate companies contemplating expansion as they can generate missed call and made call reports, providing key sales insights.

They can also create automatic responses to client FAQs, saving your team from spending too much time answering simple questions.